Frequently Asked

Are you considering adding a furry friend to your family? Choosing the right dog breeder is a crucial step in ensuring your new companion’s health, temperament, and happiness. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is designed to provide answers to common queries, helping you make an informed decision when selecting your new canine companion.

What breeds do you specialize in?

Poodles cavapoos and bernadoodles 

How long have you been breeding dogs?

Over 10 years.

Are your breeding practices ethical and responsible?


Can I visit your breeding facility?


What health testing do you perform on your breeding dogs?

Full genetic panel wt Canine Health Check including heart eyes and patellar

What vaccinations and preventive care do your puppies receive?

First set of upon shots

Do you offer any health guarantees for your puppies?

1 year

How do you socialize your puppies?

 Friends family and my other dogs

Are your puppies microchipped?


Do you provide a puppy starter kit or care instructions?


What is the typical price range for your puppies?

It is dependent upon the breed.

Do you provide a puppy starter kit or care instructions?


Do you ship puppies to other locations, and what is the cost?

Yes, $500 – $600

Are your puppies registered with a recognized kennel club?


What is your policy on spaying/neutering puppies?

Spay and neuter after one year

How do you match puppies with their new families?

I do a conference call to see what they are wanting in their pet. If it’s a couch smuggler. Hiking boating agility. I ask a lot of questions.

What is your return policy for puppies if circumstances change?

I get first right to take puppy back. Or will help them rehome. Refunds depend on the circumstances. It’s in my contract.

How do you handle potential genetic health issues in your breeding program?

My breeders are all clear.

Can you provide information on the temperament and characteristics of your breed?


What kind of support and advice do you offer to new puppy owners?

Give lifetime support on any kind of training or feeding issues anything really.

Do you have any upcoming litters, and can I join a waiting list?

Yes we do and yes you can

How can I contact you if I have more questions or want to inquire about a puppy?

Email or phone 8502261322

Do you have a contract for puppy buyers to review?


What sets your breeding program apart from others?
I ensure all my breeding dogs are genetically clear including hips eyes patella and heart. My dogs are also structurally sound with great temperaments. The puppies are raised in my home and exposed to everyday sights and sounds. I start potty training and kennel training at 3weeks. This will help with a smoother less stressful transition to their new homes.
I also take weekly pictures and video so potential buyers can watch the puppies grow up.

The Process

Fill out a puppy application

We look forward to receiving your puppy application and learn more about what you are looking for.

Schedule a Call

Once your application has been received we will reach out to you and schedule a call. We love to connect with our prospective puppy families.

Place deposit and sign holding agreeement

In order to reserve your puppy we require a holding fee and for you to sign a holding agreement.

Visit Our Nursery

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