The role of parents in dog breeding, specifically referring to the breeding dogs (sire and dam), is of paramount importance in producing healthy, well-tempered, and genetically sound puppies.

Parents in dog breeding are the foundation of producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies. Responsible breeding practices, careful selection of parent dogs, and a commitment to the overall well-being of the breeding dogs are essential elements in ensuring the success and ethicality of any breeding program. By prioritizing the health and temperament of the parent dogs, breeders contribute to the betterment of the canine community as a whole.


Handpicked Parents

The parents are handpicked as puppies from genetically tested parents. We hand raise all of our breeding dogs as family members in our home. We will never purchase an adult dog for breeding.

Home Raised & Top Nutrition

By raising  our future parent dogs ourselves we get a true idea of temperament and trainability. The health of the puppy starts with healthy parents before conception. All of our adult dogs are fed a very nutritious diet with supplements added at the appropriate time.

Health Tested

Our adult dogs have 10 acres to run and exercise on for optimal health.

All of our dogs are tested genetically including hips, elbows, patella, eyes and heart.

The Dams

Bijoux De Mer



14.5 inches

Bijoux was purchased from one of the best phantom poodle breeders in Germany. She is my very first poodle and my first German import. She had my heart the moment I open the kennel to take her home. She made me the poodle lover and breeder that I am today. She is confident, loyal, and always silly. She has good square conformation and structure. Her coat is a grooming competitors dream. She is the whole package.

Summer’s Breeze

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14.5 inches

Summer is a laid-back chill girl. She loves to play with her pack mates. Her favorite thing to do with her pack mates is steal their toy or bone and lording over it as if it were her own. She is an absolute love bug and will be as cute as she needs to be to get in your lap and get all the loving. She has good square structure and conformation and a really thick pretty coat. Very nice all-around girl with a great temperament.

HC Bobby Dazzler

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15.5 inches

Bobby would’ve made a good hunter. She loves running the pastures to hunt for the balls. I managed to get over the fence. She is a little obsessed with chasing the ball but very calm and easy-going when in the house. She is very confident and comfortable around strangers. She loves to play with her pack mates but would rather chase the ball. Built very sturdy with a beautiful top line. She has a really nice coat. It is so much fun to play with this dog. An athletic child’s dream.

Cash’s Purdy Piper

AtAtEeBbspspKyKy FF
15.5 inches

Piper is my pixie. She has a gorgeous face that is very typie and refined. She has a beautiful top line. She has nice confirmation with a good square build. She is such a lover, always cuddling up and wanting to be in my lap and be the center of attention. She likes stealing toys and getting all the other dogs to chase her around the yard with several laps around the fire pit. She keeps everyone fit! Can’t say enough about this goofy girl’s personality. She has a gorgeous coat to go with it.

The Sires

Hidden Creek’s Heart Breaker

16.5 inches

CDDY and CDPA : Clear

Kona is considered a small moyan at 16 inches. He is a brown merle with rich chocolate markings. His coat is soft and curly. I’m super excited about him. He is a big love sponge. He is constantly applying for lapdog position. Sweet, confident, silly, and most times very chill. He’s genetically clear including CDDY and CDPA. He has square structure and good confirmation with a beautiful top line. He is very smart and loves everyone he meets. He is the whole package. We will be shipping semen to poodles soon. Completely genetic clear. Waiting on pennhip results.

Some of our poodles may have one copy of IVDD

The maiority of miniature poodles are found to carry one or two copies of IVDD.

However, Poodles have not been shown to be affected by IVDD like other breeds such as the Corgi or Dachshund,

Geneticists are not recommending we remove carriers and those with two copies from our breeding programs because it could result in the miniature line becoming extinct.


IVDD Prevention
  1. Weight Management: Maintain your dog at a healthy weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise to reduce the strain on their spine.
  2. Proper Nutrition: Feed your dog a high-quality, well-balanced diet that includes nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which support joint and disc health.
  3. Exercise Moderation: Avoid high-impact activities like jumping, running on hard surfaces, or excessive stair climbing, particularly for at-risk breeds.
  4. Regular, Low-Impact Exercise: Engage in regular, gentle exercises like walking, swimming, and controlled playtime to keep your dog active without putting too much stress on their spine.
  5. Adequate Rest: Ensure your dog has a comfortable and supportive bed to encourage proper rest and minimize unnecessary movement that could strain the back.
  6. Appropriate Toys: Choose toys that are gentle on your dog’s spine, such as soft chew toys or puzzle feeders, and avoid tug-of-war games that can cause sudden jerking movements.
  7. Supervision: Always supervise your dog during play and exercise to prevent them from engaging in rough activities that could lead to injury.
  8. Regular Vet Check-ups: Schedule routine veterinary check-ups to detect any signs of spinal issues early and discuss preventative measures with your vet.
  9. Spinal Health Supplements: Consider supplements recommended by your veterinarian, like Omega-3 fatty acids or joint supplements, to support spinal health.
  10. Back Support Harness: If your dog is at a higher risk of IVDD, consider using a back support harness to assist them with movements and reduce spinal strain.
  11. Training and Behavior: Train your dog to use ramps or steps to access elevated surfaces like furniture or cars, minimizing the need for jumping.
  12. Avoid Overexertion: Be mindful of your dog’s energy levels and don’t encourage or force them to engage in strenuous activities if they seem tired or in pain.
  13. Environmental Safety: Remove hazards in your home, such as sharp edges or obstacles, that could lead to falls or spinal injuries.
  14. Regular Grooming: Keep your dog’s coat clean and free of mats, as grooming discomfort can cause sudden movements that may strain their spine.
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